Welcome, and thankyou for visiting our website. Arteria Music is the sister site to Arteria3d.com. Arteriamusic provides Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects resources for Game Developers, Media Companies or anybody who requires audio for their work requirements. All music and sound effects are priced to suit your budgets, and sound tracks can be purchased individually or as part of a theme pack collection. For example, Scifi, fantasy etc. We are also introducing 'Sequence Packs' , with the first in the scifi gentre. These packs provide musical elements, that are 'immediate', so you might have one elemtns containing the intro of the song, then the next containing the action sequence, then the ambient sequence. This will allow game developers to utilise parts of a recording to swiftly switch between as the game pace shifts.

For Game developers adding music to their games, adds the sonic depth to merge the game experience together with the 3d art to create the final atmosphere experience to the player.


Arteria Music - Resource for Music Producers

With the growing number of emails i recieved from people wanting to make their own music i decided to set up the producer section to the web store. There exist quite a few companies speciliasing in sample packs, in various musical styles for people to piece loops together to produce their own compositions, but as well as this, it was necessary to create a niche area of sample packs in the styles of the music theme packs we produce. For example, you could buy a Fantasy Music Pack, containing role playing game inspired music, with each track's elements provided as separate track loops, for example - the String section, the drum loop, the atmosphere. If you then wanted to make your own compositions using the elements from these packs, then you can now purchase them in the Produce Sample Pack section. All you need is one of the freely available music sequencers available and you can load in each sample element to create a fresh piece! Please note.. this section of the store will be ready shortly.